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Azuki Azusa
Name in Japanese 小豆 梓
Romaji Translation Azuki Azusa
Debut (Anime) Episode 1
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 1
Debut (Manga) Chapter 2
Voice Actor (Japanese) Kaori Ishihara
Personal Info
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Part-time waitress
Part-time constructor
Part-time paper girl

Azusa Azuki is the second heroine and Tsukiko's rival of the The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat series. She is a very popular second year high school student who acts like a princess.


Azusa has green emerald like eyes and long blonde hair with a ribbon on it, styled after "The Little Princess Turtle". She has a very delicate figure and petite breasts. Usually she is seen in her school uniform; a white shirt, a red checkered skirt, black knee-length socks and wears the belt that Yōto once owned, before losing it to the stony cat, as a choker and seems to be the same age of Tsukiko.

Episode 02

The fire in the background showing the tension between Azusa and Tsukiko


Azusa tries to play a pompous role at school while in reality she is a "tsundere". As a result of Yōto's wish to the stony cat, she possesses his former trait of being unable to express one's honest feelings. She likes animals and later is able to talk with them.



Although she pretends to be a rich elite, she actually lives in a small apartment and works several jobs in a neighboring town to be able to afford her act. She transferred to Yōto's school because her friends Morii and Moriya played a prank on her which Azusa interpreted as bullying.


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Yōto YokoderaEdit

Because Azusa receives Yōto's 'lost thing', he becomes her 'doggy' in order to retrieve his facade. They end up going on a date, along with Tsukiko, to an arcade. After Azusa meets her former friends, she believes him to have set it up which results in her to be absent from school for three days. However, while Yōto is taking her to the cat statue, she falls in love with him and claims in front of her friends that he is her boyfriend. But Yoto only sees Azusa as a friend due to his feelings for Tsukiko. However, they did share a kiss when Azusa was possessed by the stone cat, which snapped her back to normal. So there might be a little hint of love towards Azusa from Yōto.

Tsukiko TsutsukakushiEdit

She claims to be the rival of her about winning Yōto's affection. Although they claim to be rivals they both get along quite well, like when she let Tsukiko have some of her chips and even fed her.

Tsukushi TsutsukakushiEdit




  • Tsukiko's CV and Azusa's CV are the two members of the duo YuiKaori.
  • On the second light novel's cover, her shadow takes the form of a dog, which is likely a reference to her personality.
  • Rorisubs (one of the most popular English fan subs) repeated posted Azusa's screenshots with the caption "AZUKI AZUSA BEST GIRL" along with their releases on their official website. The same caption has been used over one hundred times.




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