Welcome, My Friend
Episode 06
English (Translated) Welcome, My Friend
Japanese (Kanji) ようこそマイフレンド
Japanese (Romanised) Yōkoso Mai Furendo
Debut Airdate(s)
Japan May 18th, 2013
Theme Music
Opening Fantastic Future
Ending Baby Sweet Berry Love
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Goodbye, My Home Someday, My Family

Welcome, My Friend is the sixth episode of the The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat anime series. It first aired in Japan on May 18th, 2013.


It's the last summer holiday's day. Tsukiko wakes Yōto up in the storage room and tells her that his house has been teleported here, which he believes is the big cat statue's fault.  At school, Yōto asks Buchou during club activity about the cat statue, on which the Steel King explains the stony cat is said to fulfill one's wishes and interrogates him how he knows about the cat god. Yokodera clarifies that he knows it from his brother. So the two of them begin a conversation, at first discussing Tsukiko's cuteness, who is eavesdropping, but then plotting an assassination against Yokodera's evil twin. Since Yōto obviously doesn't want to be killed, he lies that Tsukiko has an interest for his brother, thus Tsukushi has to seduce him first, so that Tsukiko loses interest in him. The simple-minded Tsukushi agrees to Yōto's plan, of course. Back at the store room, the Hentai phones with Azusa and mentions, that he would want to see Azusa. Suddenly, Azusa is teleported to Yōto. Yokodera explains to Azusa about the power of the big cat statue, so she decides to make a wish herself. Poof, handcuffs appear and Yōto feels the urge to enchain Azusa and tickle her belly. About to be kissed, she manages to cancel her wish. The protagonist then gets to the kitchen, where Tsukiko is singing about the things Yōto talked about her with Buchou. Yokodera catches her off guard, and while Tsukiko is trying to fool him, Tsukushi turns up and tries to seduce Yōto, but fails completely.  After dinner, Tsukiko states how she might be the reason for Yōto's house's disappearance as she wished to eat dinner with him. Back in the storage room, the Steel King sneaks up to Yōto to seduce him again. There she states that if she will inevitably lose Tsukiko, too, the world "should just fall into ruin". And so the wish is granted. 



  • At around 02:53, two issues of Monthly Comic Alive can be seen in Yōto's room.
  • While Tsukiko was breaking and reading out Yōto's DVDs she read the title of one of them to be The Perverted King and the Stony Cat, a shout out to the series itself.