Name in Japaneseマーガレット
Rōmaji TranslationMaagaretto
Nickname (Nickname)Margaret-san
Debut (Anime)Episode 1 (flashback)
Debut (Light Novel)Volume 1 (mentioned)
Debut (manga)Chapter 1 (flashback)
Appears InLight Novel, Manga, and Anime
Known UsersPonta
Margaret is Ponta's hug pillow. Its counterpart is Barbara.



Margaret behind Ponta in the manga.

In the anime, Margaret has blonde hair, tied up in a twin tail and blue eyes, each with 3 eyelashes. Just like Barbara her nose is spiky and her big red lips are forming a kiss. Her left nipple is covered by a blue, the right one by a red star.

In the manga, however Margaret seems to depict a naked woman with long hair lying down with her arms covering her breasts. Her eyes are also obscured.



The Legendary Dutch Wife, The Blue Eyed Margaret-san

When Ponta wanted to give up his perverted ways, he offered up Margaret to the Stony Cat, and as a result, Ponta became an individual engaged in humanitarism.



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